Section 3311, pub. L. 103-182, Title I, No. 101, Dec. 8, 1993, 107 Stat. 2061, with respect to the approval and entry into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Section 3317, pub. L. 103-182, Title I, No. 108, Dec. 8, 1993, 107 Stat. 2066, relative to congress`s intention for future memberships to countries other than Canada and Mexico.

4. In determining a geographical indication, the committee cannot consider the presentation to the extent that the allegation asserts a trademark right with respect to the proposed geographical indication. (paragraph 543) 1. Authorizes the President to enter into agreements with the Bank on the implementation of a Community adaptation and investment programme under the Environmental Cooperation Agreement. calls on the President to set up the Community`s Advisory Committee for Adaptation and Investment Programmes, which advises the President on the implementation of this programme. Approve the credits. 3. The Minister of Finance must not provide guidance that is inconsistent with Australia`s obligations under an international public procurement agreement (whether the agreement deals with other issues or not). 3. Subsections 1 and 2 may be excluded or amended by an agreement (whether concluded before or after the start of this section) between the former owner and a new owner. Subtitle B: National Customs Automation Program – Orders the Secretary to establish the National Customs Automation Program, which is supposed to be an automated and electronic system for processing commercial imports.

Subtitle D: Implementation of NAFTA`s Complementary Agreements – Part 1: Labour and Environment Agreements – authorizes the United States to participate under the following conditions: (1) the Commission for Labour Cooperation, in accordance with the North American Agreement on Cooperation with Workers; (2) the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, in accordance with the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation; and (3) the Committee on Border Management for environmental protection, in accordance with the border environment cooperation agreement. Approve the credits. Subtitle B: Agriculture – Amends the Meat Import Act of 1979 to redefine the term „meat.“ authorizes the President to exclude quantitative import restrictions on meat products originating in a NAFTA country, Canada or Mexico. (b) prior to the date on which this law obtains royal consent, another person has entered into a written and lawful agreement with a third party; and (b) prejudge or prejudice any decision by the Trademark Clerk under the Trademark Act 1995 regarding or infringing a trademark application. (3C) The subsection (3B) may be excluded or modified by agreement between the company or employer. Section 3316, pub. L. 103-182, Title I, No. 106, Dec.

8, 1993, 107 Stat. 2065, concerned the appointment of Chapter 20 panel procedures, with a focus on people with environmental knowledge.

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