THE EPSM wants the mud components to be released. New era. Boas, M. (2000). The relationship between trade and the environment and the potential of regional trading institutions. New Political Economy, 5 (3), 415. Keywords: Haze; Association of Southeast Asian Nations; Southeast Asia; cross-border pollution; Indonesia; Patronage (Search for similar items in EconPapers) Date: 2014 References: References in EconPapers View CitEc Full Reference List Citations: Track Citations by RSS feed Eaton, P., ` Radojevic, R. (2001). Forest fires and regional fires in Southeast Asia.

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Hart (Ed.), Shared resources: Issues of governance. Gland, Switzerland: International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. The annex to the agreement focuses on the role of the Centre, including: (a) regular contact with the respective national observatories with respect to data, including data from satellite images and weather observation, with respect to land and/or forest fires, environmental conditions conducive to these fires; air quality and the level of pollution, particularly pollution caused by these fires; B. facilitate cooperation and coordination between the parties to strengthen their preparedness and respond to forest fires and/or forest fires or pollution caused by these fires; c. facilitate coordination between parties, other states and relevant organizations by taking effective measures to mitigate the effects of forest fires and/or pollution from these fires; and d. to respond to a request for assistance or an offer of assistance in the event of land fires and/or forest fires or pollution due to pollution of the country or pollution resulting from such fires, by immediately transmitting the request for assistance to other states and organisations; coordination of this aid, if the applicant contracting party requests it or is proposed by the contracting party that is assisting it (ASEAN Secretariat 2002, p. 23-24). Jones, D. S. (2006).

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