Once the invoice is received, buyers must verify the billing data (including a breakdown of the total costs). Check the fees with what has been agreed in the professional advice center order. After verification, buyers must pay the invoice within 25 days in accordance with the main delivery contract. Be sure to include the details of the contractual commitment in the order, such as services. B, delivery dates, negotiated rates and total project cost. Arbitration: The parties waive their right to seek recourse to the courts, including the right to a jury trial. The parties agree that all disputes between or between either of the parties that are conducted with respect to or in connection with this agreement or account, including the determination of the scope and applicability of the mediation agreement, will be resolved exclusively through a binding arbitration procedure conducted under the aegis of JAMS, in accordance with its detailed arbitration rules and procedures. Arbitration takes place at the time of the dispute in the county and in the state of BrightPlan`s main office. Disputes will not be resolved in any other forum or venue. The arbitration process is conducted by a retired judge, who has experience in resolving securities disputes.

The parties agree that the arbitrator will apply the material law of the State of Delaware to all claims under state law, that the limited discovery will be made in accordance with JAMS` full arbitration rules and procedures, and that the arbitrator will not be able to award exemplary penalties or damages unless (but only to the extent) that such damage is required by law to constitute an available remedy for any of the specific claims. In accordance with JAMS` detailed arbitration rules and procedures, the arbitrator`s arbitration award consists of a written declaration of the decision of any claim and discharge granted to each claim. The arbitral award must not contain or accompany factual findings, legal conclusions or other written explanations of the reasons for the award. The parties understand that the right to appeal or apply to amend an arbitration decision or decision by the arbitrator is severely limited by state and state legislation. Any arbitral award from the arbitrator is final and binding, and the judgment can be registered with any competent county and state court of BrightPlan`s main office at the time of arbitration or another legal prefix. The parties retain the confidentiality of the arbitration process and award, even if they attempt to confirm or expedite the sentence in court, unless it is prescribed by law or by the courts. Disclosure: The customer confirms receipt of a copy of BrightPlan`s latest privacy statement and the ADV form, Part 2. The Client assures that the Customer has verified and taken into account the information provided by BrightPlan in this agreement and in Section 2 of BrightPlans Form ADV, in particular the parties related to services, compensation, risks and potential conflicts of interest, as well as the rest of the information relating, among other things, to education history and business history, business practices such as the types of consulting services provided. , the methods used for securities analysis, and the like. Use of the Site: The use of BrightPlan`s website and the tools it contains is subject to a separate terms and conditions agreement available on the site.

The customer is also bound by such a terms of use contract, which can be changed from time to time. The customer ensures that the customer verifies and understands the current terms of use and undertakes to review the terms of use no less than each year. The client understands that personal data, including data used to establish the investment profile, is collected electronically. The customer is authenticated by a username and password, and the customer is responsible for choosing a secure password and not sharing it for others.

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