In addition to cross-cutting accreditation agreements, VCU has a number of transfer partnership contracts with community universities. These agreements facilitate the smooth transfer of Funds from Community College to VCU Licensing Programs and the development of four years of card transfer. NVCC also has formal articulation agreements with many local universities. These agreements describe the courses a student should take at the NVCC and define the credits accepted by the university in order to make the transfer process as fluid as possible. What are the benefits of GAA`s regular transfer authorization? We are in the process of signing contracts with the following colleges: If you attended a college or university before going to your Virginia Community College, the Admissions Committee will check your academic records for a period of five years before you applyed to Mason. Your cumulative average at the non-GAA institution must be 2.85 points or more to match the 2.85 points required in your Community College. If you changed institutions after leaving your gaa Community College, you are not eligible for a GAA certification. We will be happy to take you into account during a regular transfer. GAA candidates must present A, B or C grades in each course indicated on academic transcripts. Students with D or F grades must repeat and replace the wrong grades before applying to Mason. The admissions committee does not use the last A-F score obtained in a course, not the highest grade purchased to calculate a cumulative average of transfer points.

Students who did not repeat D or F grades before applying for Mason will be denied GAA certification. In another university/university: there are usually admissions representatives in the accrediting body. Representative information is usually listed in the admission area on a university`s website. In addition, department heads or advisors will often meet with a transfer student, although this varies from university to university. You can challenge credit ratings; transfer counsellor to the admissions agency or your counsellor at your new school. Applicants who meet all the conditions of the guaranteed admission contract and who choose this option on the transfer application are considered for admission as GAA approval. All other transfer applicants are considered for regular transfer approval. If you do not meet the GAA admission requirements, do not apply for gaA admission for your transfer application. Recent initiatives by the Connecticut Board of Regents (BOR) for higher education have focused on creating a seamless transfer process for CT Community College graduates to continue their training at the four public universities (CCSU, SCSU, WCSU, ECSU) and Charter Oak State College. The completion of such an associate transfer degree will provide the student with guaranteed admission and junior status at The University of Reception or Charter Oak State College without transfer of „course-by-course.

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