ETFO collective agreements for DECE bargaining units may include a language assessment for performance evaluation if boards have such strategies. As a general rule, these collective agreements provide that only supervisory officers, contracting entities and assistant adjudicating entities can assess a member of the DECE. As a general rule, they also provide that members of the DECE bargaining unit may not be invited or invited to evaluate another member of the DECE. Collective agreements and the Education Act provide that teachers cannot participate in the evaluation of a DECE member`s performance. The Education Act stipulates that principals cannot require teachers to carry out or participate in such an assessment, whereas the collective language of ETFO normally provides that this is not allowed, whether the teacher agrees or not. As in the past, ETFO will take appropriate action in the event of a breach of the terms of local collective agreements. Where a school board does not have an evaluation procedure, the collective agreement may require consultation with THE ETFO when an organization decides to implement a CEE evaluation program. (d) When an occasional teaching assignment goes beyond the number of LTO threshold days set by the local collective agreement, the Board of Directors may continue the task of the casual teacher when the teacher is qualified and is on the LTO list, unless the local parties have agreed otherwise. (g) If there is mutual agreement between the district school board and casual teachers on site, the grandparents on the rollboard with the LTO experience on the LTO non-maintenance list, respect the experience and save time and effort for district school principals; and as part of the 2012 ETFO Agreement (Mou), the Ministry of Education retained independent researchers to study the implementation and impact of The Ontario Regulation 274/12. Although CED results assessment programs have not been made mandatory, several school boards have developed policies or programs to implement an evaluation system. However, some of these mirror elements of the legal system for evaluating teachers are very different. The provisions of the DECE evaluation programs and policies and how they are implemented must be consistent with legislation and all restrictions or requirements in collective agreements for ETFO members.

Your collective agreement may also expressly require the Board of Directors to comply with its Vonihm policy. The Early Childcare Educators Act, passed in 2007, provided for a recertification program. The CPL program was launched in September 2014 and was voluntary. Regulation 359/15 for continuing professional learning came into force in January 2016. The regulation made it mandatory for all members to participate in the CPL program. An unsuccessful LTO candidate, LTO order or permanent job is allowed to meet, upon request, with the interviewer or panel to discuss their performance during the interview and how to improve their chances of success in future interviews. The 2% adjustment of the wage network for all ETT members, guaranteed by the ETFO agreement (MOU), came into force on 1 September 2014. .

The Education Act gives each district school board the authority to develop and implement a program to evaluate the results of the DECEs.

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