Before the property promotes a new lease for leasing or opening negotiations with existing or potential tenants, trustees must be advised by a lessor on the amount of market rent and on any recommendations the lessor may have on the conditions that are in the best interests of the charity. Your contract must clearly define the terms and conditions that both parties expect. As with your rental policy, this agreement should be verified by legal counsel and your insurance agent. This sample document serves as a general guideline to support CCCC member organizations, one of whose active members is the Free Methodist Church in Canada. We want to encourage local churches to consider the benefits of joining the CCCC. This information does not constitute legal or professional advice. Appropriate changes are required to match the facts that apply to each situation. If the intention is to use this sample, it should be made available to the lawyer, along with appropriate instructions, to meet the specific needs and circumstances of the charity. Reservations: Note that the church phone is not checked every day, so messages cannot be immediately answered – it is best to use emails. We currently do not have places available for new regular rentals and are not yet able to rent our room for children`s parties.

If agents are considering entering into a new tenancy agreement with an existing tenant, please note that the requirements summarized in the Tenant Checklist (renters) remain valid, except in limited cases if the final consent applies (section B1 of the rental board). Trustee administrators should consult with their landlord on market rent and best terms before entering into negotiations with the tenant to ensure that the welfare of the charity is protected. > If executive directors sometimes wish to share common divine services with another church or Christian community under Model Trust 14 (2), please contact the superintendent. The ecumenical can officer can help them answer questions with which Christian churches or communities can share divine services. The Methodist Church is not obligated to give access to church premises unless access to the premises is required as part of its role or for the regular rental of premises.

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