22 The return of the worker to the state of work and the beginning of the conditions for granting the income protection allowance (a) When a worker`s employment ceases before the expiry of six (6) months of service, the employer claims 100% of the money paid to the employee (100%) Back. Benefits of PPI. The city is considered authorized by the Employment Standards Act to apply deductions on the worker`s salary in order to recover the overpayments paid to the employee. b) 100% eligibility (100%) PPI benefits are reintroduced from the first reference period of each calendar year. In the case where a worker receives PPI benefits at the end of the years, that worker is entitled to 100% PPI benefits, as stated in the section, under no circumstances is a worker entitled to more than eighty-five days (85) days for a period of uninterrupted absence. c) The occurrence of statutory or declared public holidays during the absence of a worker in the PIP does not reduce the number of employee terms of employment (d) The applicable number of 100 (100%) is considered to be The employer may require a worker to present a medical certificate to a qualified physician in which he can return to the Member State before authorizing the worker to return to active service. Such recovery is authorized by the Labour Standards Act 2000 and the employer to deduct from the worker`s salary to cover the overpayment, provided that the Union and the worker have agreed on an appropriate repayment plan in your agreement. Otherwise, the parties use an expedited procedure to define the repayment plan. ARTICLE 10 BEREAVEMENT LEAVE Definition of immediate family (a) Direct family is defined as father, mother, brother, sister, spouse, child, stepfather, stepmother, grandchildren, grandparents and guardian until the age of worker overload. 17 Quoted in „Health Employers Have No Clarity on Common Personnel Issues,“ Bloomberg Law: BNA`s Health Care Daily Report (January 23, 2018) If you need a copy of your collective agreement, talk to your administrator.

If you don`t know who your administrator is or how to contact your office, contact the CUPE office near you. The members of the ICPP are the professionals who work for the people of Ottawa. Through collective bargaining, representation and representation of interests, the ICPP works for its members so that they can focus on the work for which they are passionate. We are committed to our members, to our community and to quality public services. Our labour relations staff help our members manage a wide range of work issues. From issues related to your collective agreement to human rights, health and safety at work, we are here to help. If you have questions about your rights in the workplace, the best person you can talk to is your steward or local leader. You will know the details of your agreement. Quoted in „Violence Response Plans Help Protect Health-Care Workers,“ Bloomberg Law: BNA Health Care Daily Report (May 1, 2018) 10 ARTICLE 6 HOURS OF WORK 6.01 Normal Work Week The w ork w eek will be Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday as days off, Except for nurses in the Staff of the Ottaw a Paramedic Service Branch are operations of 24 hours or other normal hours per week/day in the collective agreement (a) Normal hours of w ork must be thirty-five hours (35) per week / seven (7) hours per day or in the modified b) or in other clauses in this agreement (i.e.

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