Contracting parties may, by mutual agreement, extend the suspension period for up to 26 weeks or, by mutual agreement, extend the suspension period for up to 26 weeks, or in special circumstances such as hospitalizations or natural disasters. A limited agreement on child assistance is an agreement in which the parties have not received legal advice and are subject to different rules (see section 80E). Compelling child welfare agreements should give parents the freedom and flexibility to adopt different childcare rules, while ensuring a high level of safety and finality. For this reason, the evaluation law provides for the need for independent legal advice so that the parties to the binding child custody agreement understand the pros and cons of such an agreement. It is also a matter of ensuring that a party is not subjected to coercion or deceptive behaviour. Section 80C of the evaluation provides that a binding agreement on child assistance will only engage the contracting parties if it is in accordance with the provisions of this section. The result is that the legislation provides that the parties cannot reach a binding mink agreement on support for children without each leaving his own lawyer. As a general rule, a binding agreement on child welfare cannot be amended after it has been concluded only by mutual agreement between the parties. The law allows the parties to enter into a new agreement to amend their previous commitments or terminate a child protection contract. Example 1: Lula and Sebastion have a limited agreement on child welfare, with a clause stipulating that the annual rate of child benefit to be paid to Sebastion under the Lula agreement will be reduced in the event of Lula`s unemployment. Lula`s income is down, and the fictitious new valuation is more than 15% different from the previous fictitious valuation.

As the decline in incomes was due to Lula`s unemployment, the circumstance was taken into account by the agreement. The contract cannot be terminated. (i) when the termination contract indicates a date on which it takes effect on that date; A child welfare contract remains in effect until the date specified in the agreement, unless it is terminated earlier, see below. The end date may be explicit or implied. If no termination date is indicated and no cessation events occur, the provisions of the Child Welfare Contract are maintained until the child/ren covered by the agreement becomes 18 years old. If a child is still in secondary school after his 18th birthday, an agreement can be renewed with the agreement of both parents (see 2.5.5). (c) the agreement contains, with respect to each party, a statement stating that, prior to the signing of the agreement by the party, the party received, as an appendix of the agreement attests, independent legal assistance from a lawyer on the following issues: Unless otherwise provisions are made, custody payments may be suspended for up to 28 days. If the agreement is indicated, this period can be extended to 26 weeks. There are inherent drawbacks to entering a BCSA.

On the one hand, it cannot vary. It must be terminated by agreement or annulled or terminated by the Court of Justice. Other disadvantages are usually related to the real estate bill, where your wealth is shared between you and you make financial compromises.

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